Prepurchase Inspections - Building Reports - Project Management

Preprechase Inspections

We offer a realistic property & building inspection service for the home / building owner or buyer, By a qualified builder for residential & commercial properties covering all the basics from the ground up to the roof. We also check for water / moisture leakage with one of the latest moisture sensing tools.

Auckland Property Consultants is proud to offer the following resources from a team that have over 100 yrs combined experience in the property/ building industry. We are well qualified to give advice or suggestions on the potential or ideas of the property.

  • Property  Inspections
  • Prepurchase inspections
  • Property / Investment advice
  • Property management
  • Real Estate purchase and sales
  • Building surveys  
  • Building repairs
  • Building inspections 
  • Water damage reports
  • Leaky Homes reports
  • Leaky Building repairs
  • Insurance Reports or Quotes
  • Valuations
  • Valuation assessments.

Just email or phone us to arrange an appointment, usually the next or following day for your inspection. Payment is at the time of the inspection, we give you a verbal report at the time, or that evening if you are not present, and/ or the written report follows within 24 – 48 hours later.

Check out our rates, you will be hard pressed to find better value available. Deal with a professional small hands on team with the customers focus & needs in mind. We look for the solutions as well as the problems. We can also give estimates on the cost of the remedy or repairs. Click here to contact us

We accept most forms of payment including: Direct credit, credit cards, cash, cheque.