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Prepurchase Inspections - Building Reports - Project Management 


10 Point checklist - What to do before selling?

  • Prepare you house - repair any damaged areas
  • Wash outside dirty areas 
  • Repaint poor or worn out paint areas
  • Tidy up your section and gardens
  • Remove clutter and things laying around
  • Remove rubbish laying around outside
  • Have a clean fresh dwelling for display
  • Shut away pets on/at show times
  • Replace or freshen up your old kitchen or bathroom
  • For better sale value remember to keep neutral themes

10 Point checklist  - What to look for when buying?

  • Check on location - Does it meet the family needs and future needs ?
  • Check position in relation to schools, shops, work etc
  • Check building durability and the neighbour hood 
  • Assess any on going maintenance needs
  • Work out any costs  necessary to remedy areas that need upgrading or fixing
  • Assess the practicality of the layout or design of the property
  • Assess the position of the property in relation to where the sun is coming from
  • Check out if there are any views / privacy
  • Ask yourself - Is this property good value for money?
  • Ask yourself what is the future resale potential of the property?  One day you will wish to sell.