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Property Maintanence

Whether its general repairs, insurance quotes for damages or a leaking home / building repair or inspection we can organise this for you. Our team has a combined over 100 years experience in the building and property industry so let our experience bring you peace of mind before you take your next big step. 

Most leaky homes are repairable if you find the problem in the early stages. Signs to look for are : Deterioration and discolouring of paint,  mould and mildrew,  staining to carpet and smoothedge, water dripping after it has been raining,  softness and swelling in the walls and flooring, musty smells, corrosion, sagging wall or ceiling linings, nails popping.

The main problem people seem to forget with plaster (Monolithic) cladding is that the concrete or plaster is the strength of the house or building but the seals and paint or elastromeric membrane is the water proofing, so no short cuts should be taken at this stage ( the old staying ' you get what you pay for !!' is especially true with paint quality.

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